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Global delivery improvement at BDO, USA

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Accounting & Financial Services
Chicago, IL
Streamline and improve global data collection software and tools
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BDO USA is the United States Member Firm of BDO International, a global accounting network. The company is headquartered in Chicago, IL. BDO employs over 7,300 professionals – delivering assurance, tax, and financial advisory services that are tailored to their clients’ industry and unique needs.

The tax technology division was faced with challenges related to legacy products that needed a fresh take on their expanding data-collection directives. Adroitable stepped in as part of the development crew to work with their existing developers to roadmap, document, code, and help deploy one of the biggest updates their platform had seen to date.

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We started by first understanding the need from the implementation and accounting side of the division. It was important to work closely with business and data teams to elicit the proper requirements, turn these requirements in to real stories, and in turn create solutions that worked best for their model.

We offered a multitude of performance improvement suggestions that were adopted by the development roadmap – and over the course of several months worked intimately with their developers to incorporate these changes into the codebase.

The result was staggering. After the deployment, these new tools created such productivity improvements and streamlined multiple product segments that the total time it took to design, create, deploy, and implement their global data collection tools were reduced by over 100%.

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We are happy to report that after our engagement with BDO, their developers were able to take over all continuous improvement. The project was a shining example of how Adroitable can work with existing teams to create real, robust solutions that make a significant impact.

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