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Reshaping the tech landscape at Cypress Healthcare with custom apps

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Healthcare Consulting
Richardson, TX
A new website, various custom applications, and technical infrastructure overhaul

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Tech. Consulting App. Development Automation Web Development

Cypress is one of the leading healthcare consulting groups in Texas, with services focused in the areas of credentialing verification (CV), managed care consulting (MCC), network development, and Independent Physician Association (IPA) management.

Web Development

Cypress had an outdated website that did not match the forward-looking energy of the organization. In addition to this, there were no data collection mechanisms or analytics, contact forms and proposal CTA was malfunctioning, and no way for the organization to collect information for marketing initiatives. Adroitable worked with the organization from start to finish, including low and high-fidelity wireframes, custom design work, and technical implementation.

The result was a professional, modern looking site that featured back-end capabilities (CMS) for collecting data, posting news, engaging with clients, and more.

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Technical Consulting/App Development

Following the release of the new site, Cypress again engaged Adroitable for another task: developing an entire technical ecosystem for consolidating data, simplifying workflows, training, educating staff, leading IT resources, and standing up an in-house custom application for managing CV data.

Over the course of thirteen months, we worked closely in a multi-phase approach to bring Cypress staggering productivity improvements and new solutions.

Our first phase was focused on the consolidation of data and information. The team was using legacy tools to track and report data – which we knew could be refined, consolidated, and improved across all service verticals. We conducted several rounds of non-technical and technical interviews, removed the need for handfuls of stale files and structures, and stood up in-house intranet solutions (for both IT and service staff) for team collaboration, communication, and data management. On the launch of these solutions, external file dependency was cut by more than 80%, and all data was stable and normalized.

We also conducted a full Business Process Analysis (BPA) to identify and document workflows, areas for improvement, resource allocation, and more, to maximize throughput efficiency and proper use of new technologies.

The second phase consisted of a complete overhaul of the CV data management space by a custom in-house application, built from scratch. We started by looking at the loosely defined data structures, process, requirements, and technical needs – ultimately designing a full, relational database model in which the application was built on top of. We managed and participated in the development of both the back-end databases and front-end application, as well as served as project management and business/technical analysis staff from start to finish of the application – launching just three months after the initial process began (including existing data migration to the new system).

The final product was a full-blown custom implementation and workflow system for managing all CV data within the space, complete with the new ability to mass-import, update, and read data – resulting in productivity gains in some areas of up to 3000% over manual data entry.

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The third and final phase was fixated on education, policy management, and IT renewal. Over the course of several months, we developed new IT policies and data management processes, conducted IT and information systems (IS) training, and assisted the IT staff in implementing a new hardware ecosystem that aligned with Cypress’s growth strategy. The result was a completely reimagined technology landscape, complete with detection systems, fault-tolerant tools, room to grow, and a path forward.

We continue to work with Cypress on an as-needed basis, and their teams continue to utilize our technology to do their work. We are incredibly proud and honored to have been selected for this unique and specialized engagement.

Our work continues to persist within the organization to this day, and we are happy to have been part of an adventure that utilized our experience in technical consulting, product development, web development, and automation.

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