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Turning legacy products into productivity powerhouses at EY

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Improve legacy software and create new tools for productivity

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EY is one of the largest professional services networks in the world, with over 290,000 employees working in multi-lateral business divisions.

EY’s innovation approach is based on the premise of making hard things easy and imagining the art of the possible. They work with you to shape your future business model and deploy new offerings. Adroitable was able to interface with EY’s Tax Technology group through a third-party agency dedicated to pairing high-quality organizations and teams.

The group was faced with several challenges related to legacy products and needed a way to effectively automate their data collection and deployment process via global data collection templates, enhance existing tools and reporting, and develop custom add-ins for edge case scenarios. In addition to this, the group wanted to improve upon internal training, bug fixes/patches frequency, documentation, stakeholder meetings, and release cycles for these tools.

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The tools being used were effective, but could prove to be unwieldy under certain conditions (such as limited connections and older hardware). Some data collection tools imported and exported thousands of data points at a time, so great care had to be taken when approaching any level of application change. We had to get to the bottom of the technical architecture, stabilize and improve internal workings, and focus on enhancing the solutions for future technologies.

We started by interfacing with the current development team to understand the highest priority problems with the biggest bottom-line impact and worked with product ownership teams to interface with stakeholders – evaluating the issues, creating visuals of the architecture, and offering guidance surrounding priority and implementation.

After joining the development team and digging into the codebase, we created a multitude of performance testing cases, leveraged profiling tools, and did a full walk-through from within the product from start to finish. We found several major areas for improvement on the back-end, as well as structural changes on the front-end that could be implemented in conjunction with code refactoring (rebuilding certain areas of the product) to alleviate performance issues and improve usability.

After several months of development in collaboration with the in-house development crew, the new version of the product was released to teams across the globe – complete with new administration features for quick template replication and creation, a tuned front-end for data input, retrieval, and commits, a refactored code base, and new reporting features. The result was a product that responded nearly 100% faster for end-users and reduced deployment times for implementation staff by nearly 3x.

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In addition to this, we created the first internal framework for retrieving and presenting data reports from newly launched REST APIs – opening a new door for executive-level analysis of data within systems that were previously unreachable in current products.

We were truly honored to be able to work with one of the largest firms on the globe and took great pride in being able to cross-collaborate between the development staff and product owners to truly create a fresh take on new and existing products.

Our work continues to persist within the organization to this day, and we are happy to have been part of an adventure that utilized our experience in technical consulting, product development, and automation.

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Tyler developed theme creation mechanisms that sped up the implementation and deployment times for data collection templates ... by more than 80%, leading to division-wide productivity improvement.

Mary Karpinski

Sr. Manager, Tax Technology, EY